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Alternative Perspectives Through Photography


Some of the photos you will see will be regarded by many as "normal" - based on their perspective.  But many will challenge that perspective - and give an "Alternative Perspective". 

You may take a liking to some of the images you see on this site, which don't appear anywhere else.  Don't worry, just contact me and I can arrange to upload that onto the shop site.

lynx facing camera with a dusty purple/lilac background


Lynx - now extinct in the wild in Scotland - but will it make a comeback?


Perspective can be about many different things:

  • a view over distance in space or time
  • how things are viewed relative to each other
  • a point of view
  • a judgement of what's important (or not!)
  • the theory/art of suggesting 3 dimensions in a 2 dimension surface


Types of photography you will see from Alternative Perspectives:

  • Geology
  • Nature - Landscapes
  • Scottish Places (LOADS of Scottish Places)
  • Natural Disaster/Climate Change related

The Champagne Pool, Wai-O-Tapu, North Island, New Zealand

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