Alternative Perspectives Through Photography


Some of the photos you will see will be regarded by many as "normal" - based on their perspective.  But many will challenge that perspective - and give an "Alternative Perspective". 


Where Can We See Alternative Perspectives photos?

You will find a lot of images on the Shop page. Where you can also purchase items such as mugs, phone cases, notebooks and clothes by clicking on the individual pictures. 

Why not visit the Gallery page? This will give you a taster of the type of work I have produced.  You may see some images in the Gallery that are not yet featured in the shop.  If that's the case please contact me and I'll arrange to make them available.

There's also images on some microstock photo agencies - listed on the right hand side of this page.  

You may may take a liking to some of the images you see on this site, which don't appear anywhere else.  Don't worry, just contact me and I can arrange to upload that onto the shop site.  

Lynx - now extinct in the wild in Scotland - but will it make a comeback?


Perspective can be about many different things:

  • a view over distance in space or time
  • how things are viewed relative to each other
  • a point of view
  • a judgement of what's important (or not!)
  • the theory/art of suggesting 3 dimensions in a 2 dimension surface


Types of photography you will see from Alternative Perspectives:

  • Geology
  • Nature - Landscapes
  • Scottish Places (LOADS of Scottish Places)
  • Natural Disaster/Climate Change related

The Champagne Pool, Wai-O-Tapu, North Island, New Zealand